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Pop-Up EXP makes retail space a reality for more brands.

On-Demand. Agile. Immersive.

Welcome to Pop-Up EXP

It’s about opportunity and presenting your brand or experience in a high-traffic location with ease. Pop-Up EXP provides high visibility, ready-made storefronts that are digitally enhanced for today’s online, media-centric and lifestyle driven retailers.

  • 100-300 square feet of space
  • Micro-leases
  • Award-winning architectural design
  • Digital Displays
  • Positioned in high-traffic areas
  • Flexible Fixtures

Functional Design. Turnkey.

What is Pop-Up EXP?

Our micro-retail stores allow brands and retailers to easily and quickly open stores in prime shopping locations across the nation.

Macerich’s customizable modular pop-up stores lower the learning curve and cut the cost of opening a physical retail space. Tap into our immersive, fully equipped storefronts without hiring a single contractor. It’s the easiest way to put your brand in front of thousands of shoppers on a daily basis.

  • Low-barrier-to-entry opportunity for physical storefronts in high-traffic common areas.
  • Flexible fixture systems.
  • No up-front cost of building a store.
  • Customers will discover, demo and purchase products in one compact and self-contained space.

Attract more customers with an immersive brand experience.

Why a Pop-Up EXP Shop?

Pop-up stores are an ideal retail space for digitally native brands, local boutiques, and established businesses. It’s a flexible, turnkey solution for:

  • Product launches
  • Brand experiences or immersions
  • Product or market testing
  • Market expansion
  • Customer acquisition

Pop-Up Shop
Step-by-Step Guide

Discover how you can fast-track physical retail space and interact with shoppers in a new way.

Get the step-by-step guide that shows you how to bring physical and online retail together.


Clicks-to-Bricks Made Simple

Macerich Pop-Up EXP is a truly turnkey retail space that’s simple and easy to setup. Your individual shop can be open for business in a matter of weeks.


Commercial Lease Terms on Your Terms

Our Pop-Up EXP shops give you the freedom to decide how long you’ll stay in a retail space. Scale your needs to multiple locations in major markets across the country.


Designed to Draw People In

Macerich’s Pop-Up EXP shops feature an award- winning design that grabs attention and brings the shopper closer to the point of sale. Digital elements bring the online experience to your retail.

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We love malls. We love innovation. We’ve created an impressive collection of shopping centers in high-barrier-to-entry markets across the country. Drawing on our comprehensive knowledge and expertise, we help best-in-class brands and emerging concepts find optimal settings within our portfolio. As an innovator in omnichannel environments, we bring important resources to retailers for building real connections with their shoppers. We work successfully with digitally native startups and emerging brands to foster their strong performance across our most productive centers.

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Petra Maruca

Petra Maruca

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